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The Veterinary Club and Intalere have entered a strategic partnership that delivers national purchasing power and professional services to the veterinary market. Members choose from market-leading suppliers, ensuring the best value through alignment of price and quality. Together we offer veterinary practices access to one of the most innovative and effective health care group purchasing organizations in the U.S. with a strategic focus on your business!

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) is partnering with The Veterinary Club to offer supply chain contracting services to its 8,500 + membership. The partnership is based on The Veterinary Club's proven experience, business model and potential quantifiable savings for equine practitioners across the nation. The AAEP has chosen The Veterinary Club as its exclusive GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) partner.

PLANet Systems Group has worked extensively with The Veterinary Club, providing creative and technical support from our early startup, through to the implementation of our business plan today. Truly "a business partner", PLANet Systems Group has supported all aspects of our web-based business model. Their professional international team has developed our website, managed our complex database and created our bespoke Customer Relationship Management system. We look forward to PLANet Systems Group`s ongoing business partnership as well as creative technical initiatives to help drive our business and serve the best interest of our veterinary membership base.

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